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I have always longed to live in a storybook.


So, I created the necessary furnishings and artifacts of such an illustrated, thematic, symbolic and metaphorical world.  Others saw my artwork and asked for a piece of that world specifically designed for their own. Thus began: commission-driven-curiosity and thrilled clients. 


For the last three years I’ve dedicated my artistic energy to a book. Imagine my shock! This graphic novel bestowed on me the unexpected privilege of living in a storybook!   My characters compel me to dive into vulnerability and power.  They commission me to visually communicate their story of what happens when appetite, shame and courage collide. My graphic novel, Lurking Variables, is that work in progress.


My life story has been a palpable Venn diagram of contradictory experiences. The details always make me sound as if I’m in a Witness Protection Program and can’t remember my back-story! Synthesizing those facts has been my life’s challenge.


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Plein-Air Painting.png

Plein Air Painting (Egg Tempera) Italy

Carole concentrating

Mt. Washington Summit.png

Mt. Washington Summit

Carole McKee Armen hi-res (3 of 4)_edite
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